Sophie’s Class List with Handouts

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The Whole Enchilada

Class descriptions, click this link to see the whole spreadsheet including Class Title, Category, Description,  and link to handout:

Handouts Only

Handouts are available in this *View Only* but public sharing folder on Google Drive:  Let me know if you have trouble downloading.

Class Title List and if the class has a handout built by me, no handout, or I use someone else’s handout:

  1. Conflict Resolution Methods – People not Heraldry – MY HANDOUT
  2. Organizing Performing Arts in the SCA for Performers and Event Staff – MY HANDOUT
  3. Commedia dell’ Arte for NON actors – MY HANDOUT
  4. Commedia dell’ Arte – troupe management – NO HANDOUT
  5. Introduction to Commedia – MY HANDOUT
  6. Commedia Workshop 201 (Advanced) – NO HANDOUT
  7. Improvisation Skills for Commedia Characters – MY HANDOUT
  8. How to Perform Commedia Characters – NO HANDOUT
  9. How to Run an Iron Commedia Session – NO HANDOUT
  10. Iron Commedia Sessions – Intro to Commedia with rehearsal and performance. – NO HANDOUT
  11. How to Make Commedia Happen in your Local SCA Group – NO HANDOUT
  12. Period Commedia Performed for Modern Audiences – MY HANDOUT
  13. Commedia dell’ Arte by Barry Grantham – what I learned at the 5 day workshop by Barry Grantham in Oxford, England. – MY HANDOUT
  14. Late Period Theater, or Commedia & the English Renaissance (Co-Taught with Lady Meriorie Matheson) – NO HANDOUT
  15. SCA Dance Music – Sources both modern and historic – Lorenzo’s Handout!
  16. Pentamere Dances Instruction Package for Promoting Period Dance – Gwendolyn’s Handout!
  17. “IF David Bowie had lived back then.” – Terpsichore Book!
  18. Buffens Sword Dance from Arbeau – MY HANDOUT
  19. Queen Adelhait’s Pavane and other SCA Choreographies by Lady Sophia the Orange and Lord Johann von Solothurn – MY HANDOUT
  20. SCA Dance – The Dance Steps to ~30 dances – Terpsichore Book!
  21. Creating a Performing Group in the SCA – NO HANDOUT
  22. Improvisation Skills for SCA Life – MY HANDOUT
  23. Responsible Performing in the SCA – NO HANDOUT
  24. How to Create and Run a Kingdom Sized Performing Arts Program – NO HANDOUT
  25. Finding Research Materials for Performing Arts in the SCA – NO HANDOUT
  26. Bardic Circles 101; aka “Running and Participating in Bardic Circles.” – MY HANDOUT
  27. Performing Arts Best Practices – MY HANDOUT
  28. Performing Arts Feedback – MY HANDOUT
  29. Taking the Teeth Out of Stagefright – Efenwealt’s Handout!
  30. Performing Arts Roundatbles – NO HANDOUT

Sophie’s 2020 Performance Schedule

This is my performance schedule for Commedia, Shakespeare, and improv for 2020. Subject to change, but this looks very likely to be it. If you want to join in my fun, please do! My email is at the bottom!

1) March 7 – Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival –
The autocrat approved a 30 minute performance time for “Shakespeare in Germany” which is 90% i Firenzi people anyway, so I’m calling it “I Firenzi and Friends”. ANYONE WHO WANTS TO is welcome to join in and perform a Shakespeare monologue or short scene. If we need more stage time, we can probably get it, but that is not guaranteed since it needs review and approval by the Autocrat.

2) April 18 & 19 – Festival of Legends –
i Frienzi will again present fun and silliness of commedia at this local fantasy fest at Optimist Farm.

3) April 25 – Gawain and the Green Knight event  –
We decided, so far, to present the commedia show that we develop for Festival of Legends AND some Shakespeare scenes, AND a Who’s Line Doth It Be Anyway show! ALL OF IT! If you want to join in our fun, please let me know!

4) May 31 – North Carolina Museum of Art Ren Faire & Barony of Windmasters’ Hill DEMO –
Our own Isabella is running this big demo, and i Firenzi is expecting and expected to do something. What we’re doing is unclear. But it’s on my calendar.

5) June 27 – Known World Theater Arts Symposium
If you want to do COMMEDIA or SHAKESPEARE with me at this event, please let me know!

6) July 25-August 9 – PENNSIC!  Again, I’m running the Commedia All Stars, and it’s my 20th Anniversary of doing commedia. Yes, I’ve been studying, producing, promoting, teaching, and performing commedia for 20 years now. PLEASE let me know if you are coming to Pennsic and want to do commedia with me! (I can also give you suggestions on how to do commedia at Pennsic WITHOUT me if you want. 😉

7) September 26 – Midnight At The Oasis (MATO)
This is an old event The Canton of Nimenfeld put on at Optimist Farm that used to be fun years ago. Sir Alain is resurrecting it. Performing Arts is on their list, but specifics are TBD.

8) October 16-18 – War Of the Wings (WOW)
On Friday night, October 16, I hope to again do our traditional Naughty Show.

9) November 14 – Buckston Birthday
No idea what to do, but it’s local and friends run the event. It’s an opportunity for fun. I *think* this year’s theme is Alice In Wonderland. 🙂

10) December 5 – Unevent. No performing, but the business of drumming up support for performers is always done here, so I’ll be there.

I will be adding in some opportunities to do IMPROV COMEDY and audition new non-SCA folks for i Firenzi. My goals for 2020 include broadening my scope for playing myself and finding new friends who *genuinely* enjoy the same fun that I do.  If you want to come play with me, please let me know. Email is best “orangesophie” AT gmail.