My event schedule for 2018+

I’m working hard at created more healthy balance in my life. That means making time for more activities that feed my soul and heal my body. My health has deteriorated leading up to my 45th birthday this summer, so my time management must shift towards self care on all levels. Hence, careful selection of SCA events to attend.

Here’s my SCA event list for 2018+ where I hope to see my friends and perform some Commedia or dance or something:

June 16- Summer Atlantia University
June 23- Return To Crecy
June 30- Performers Revel South
July 29-Aug 11- Pennsic
September 15- Fall Atlantia University
September 21-23- Known World Commedia Symposium
October 19-21- War of the Wings
November 17- Buckston Birthday
December 1- Unevent


  • January 12 – Atlantia Twelfth Night
  • February 2 – Atlantia Winter University
  • February 23 – Ymir

March 2019 and forward – TBD.   KASF depends on where it’s held.

If it’s not on this list, and it’s an SCA event, I won’t be there.


I *am* looking for events to attend in the world of improvisational acting and Shakespeare experiences. These hobbies feed my soul and I need more of them.