Casa Firenzi Story Episode 3

Casa Firenzi Story Episode 3:

Sophia and Manus are now married, and successfully gathering information throughout Florentine society for the Marchesa Firenzi. Manus continues correspondence with other naturalists throughout Europe, and Sophia continues to attend social gatherings with the Marchesa. Their next assignment is to attend the international Pennsic fair in the Kingdom of Aethleamearc. The Marchesa Firenzi is concerned that rumblings and rumors of rebellion in the Kingdom of Atlantia might have an effect on her friend, the Queen of Atlantia, so she is sending her people to gather information at Pennsic fair.
As luck would have it, Sophia and Manus have been building another method of expanding their spy network. They have built a troupe of actors to perform the Italian Comedy plays popular in Florence nowadays. The troupe, i Firenzi, performs at private and public events to both entertain and also gain access to social gatherings. When the troupe members listen carefully to the conversations around them, they gather information about who’s doing what in Florence. Now that the Marchesa is concerned about what’s happening in her friend’s kingdom of Atlantia, she is sending her spies to Pennsic.


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