SCA 50 Year Performing Arts

Here’s my cheat sheet for what’s happening in the Performing Arts program at SCA 50 Year:

Read the web page – all the info is there:
And the Dance page too:

Except for these 4 bits that they do not have up as of April 9:
–The link for the Busking Page is incorrect and currently goes to the busking policy instead of the “Dos and Don’ts of Busking” which is here:
–Shakespeare and Commedia updates can be found on this page:
–There will be a special Commedia dell’ Arte play on Friday at 4:00pm on the Indoor Stage in the main A&S hall honoring the SCA’s 50 years in true commedia style!
–Lady Edekyn O Fierhie – Shakespeare Deputy spunkyoyster AT gmail DOT com

Pay attention to the sign up links:

Sign up to teach Performing Arts Classes:
Sign up to bring a static display about Performing Arts or static arts related to Performing Arts for Performing Arts Day:
Sign up to perform in the Tavern or Busking Spots (Outdoor stage and Indoor stage slots are full now):
Sign up to be a Dance Band Musician:
Sign up to teach European Dance Classes:
Advertise your personal Bardic Circle in your camp in the Bards By Day-Bards By Night self-serve-spreadsheet:
Want to know my favorite stuff going on?

1) Musica Subterranea CD#5 Release Dance Party – Saturday June 18 from 4-6:00pm in the European Dance Classroom A in the Main Hall
2) Midsummer Night’s Dream Shakespeare selected scenes performed Monday night – still seeking actors – contact Edekyn!
3) Commedia actors invited to attend the Italian Masked Ball in character for informal all night interaction – just show up in costume!
4) Commedia play in honor of 50 year on Friday afternoon from 4-5:00pm on Indoor Stage in Main Hall
5) Kingdom Anthems Sing Along every day on the Outdoor Stage at lunchtime!

Contact the correct staff person to get hooked up with your flavor of fun!

Points of Contact:
• The Honorable Lady Sophia the Orange – Performing Arts Lead orangesophie AT gmail DOT com or [email protected]
• Mistress Aneleda Falconbridge – Bardic Deputy aneleda AT yahoo DOT com
• The Honorable Lady Taulaith (Too’-la) – Tavern Deputy
• Lady Edekyn O Fierhie – Shakespeare Deputy spunkyoyster AT gmail DOT com
• The Honorable Lord Niccolo Bartolazzi – Commedia & Scripted Theater Deputy lazzi AT case DOT edu
• Mistress Urraca Yriarte de Gamboa – ‪mrailing2 AT yahoo DOT com‬‬ European Dance
• Lord Darius the Dancer – ‪david.a.learmonth AT gmail DOT com‬‬ European Dance
• Lady Jolicia atte Northclyfe at washington dot julie at gmail dot com Dance Band Musicians
Middle Eastern Dance and Music: Baroness Chandara chandara.gamal AT gmail DOT com