Sophia’s Elevation to Laurel At Pennsic 50

Scroll down to the bottom for Non-Elevation Fun: Ball, Commedia, Improv, and Misrule!

Elevation Summary: 

  1. Vigil/Party:

    “Middle Sunday” August 6 starting at 4:00pm with worthies speeches and Their Majesties of Atlantia putting me on vigil. Located at Casa Firenzi Camp on block N40, next to Kingdom of Avacal camp which is next to Kingdom of Atlantia Camp.

    1. Facebook event:
  2. Elevation in Atlantia Royal Court:

    “War Week Wednesday” August 9, starting at 6:00pm, my elevation is the first item of business. Friends who wish to participate in the procession can sign up for their role here:

    1. Musicians who wish to play Petite Riens for my procession and/or wish to join in the dance band for the Grand Ball later Wednesday night can sign up to get organized by THLady Jolicia here:  Google sign-up sheet for musicians:

location of Casa Firenzi at Pennsic

Elevation Details:

Please come join me in celebrating my elevation to the SCA Order of the Laurel at Pennsic 50!


For my non-SCA friends, this is the mastery level award for Arts and Sciences in the SCA. My husband was elevated in February 2021 for his expertise in roses. My sister was elevated in September 2018 for her expertise in music and scribal arts. Mountains of my friends have been elevated for their amazing accomplishments over the past 31 years of my SCA life. Now, I am elevated for my expertise in Italian 16th century Commedia dell’ Arte!


Two ceremonies will happen at this year’s Pennsic War: 1) Vigil and 2) Elevation at Court.


1) The Vigil is where the King and Queen of Atlantia will hear short speeches from other existing Laurels and representatives from the other Peerage Orders of the SCA: Pelicans, Masters of Defense (fencing), Royal Peers (former royalty), Knights, and representatives of the rest of the populace.


After the King and Queen hear the speeches from the Peers vouching for me and recommending me to them as a reliable person they can feel confident in elevating to the Order of the Laurel, I will go through a water cleansing ritual.


Inspired by the knights’ ritual bath before elevation, I have created my own water ceremony. I will sit in a small pool and invite some of my friends (pre-determined) to pour water over my head and speak blessings. I believe that when one releases old stressors, as this ceremony is intended to do, one must fill the space made in one’s heart with positive energy. This is the role of my friends speaking blessings to me as they help me wash away old stress. I have a great deal of old stress built up over the past 31 years of SCA life, so I made this ritual a little bigger than the traditional Atlantian Laurel hand washing.


Then I will dry off, present myself to the King and Queen, and they will officially place me on Vigil. I will sit in a special tent and chat with visitors for the rest of the night. The intent is for these visitors to share with me the wisdom they have found in their SCA lives, particularly focused on the significant leap in the social and leadership structure when one becomes a Peer for the first time. Some people may describe this as “giving advice.” I prefer to ask my friends and supporters to share wisdom they have discovered.


The vigil party will have me sitting in a tent all night having quality time with visitors, and the rest of my camp will party with the following:

  • Ancient and Venerable Traditional Aethelmearc Peerage Cookie Table
    • Please bring cookies to share! (make note of ingredients please!)
  • Ongoing music/Bardic Circle with some special guest stars (who are bringing CDs you can buy at my vigil! Support our independent musicians!)
    • Vince Conaway
    • Heather Dale (yet to be confirmed)
    • Whisky Bards
    • Surreptitious Whisky
  • Peeps Sacrifice led by the High Peepstress Lucia


Casa Firenzi will provide simple beverages, water and lemonade, and a few brewed beverages, but visitors are encouraged to BYOB and BYO Chair!!


Some people believe that Peerage Vigils are only for other Peers – NOT THIS ONE!  This is a vigil party open to any friends and supporters of Sophia the Orange.


2) Elevation ceremony in Atlantia Royal Court: Wednesday August 9 starting at 6:00pm – My elevation is the first order of business.


My friends Harold and Fritz will present a short introduction in Commedia dell’ Arte style, then I will process into court with some friends playing music, Petite Rien, dancing, carrying banners, and portraying some of the many characters I’ve worked with in my 23 years of commedia life.


Audience members are encouraged to accept the kazoos and ribbons offered as gifts for making their participation in court more fun and colorful.


Their majesties will describe shortly what it means to be a Peer of the SCA, call the Order of the Laurel into court, and I will speak an oath. They will place on me three pieces of regalia made for me by beloved friends:

  1. Legacy Laurel medallion from my first household in the Midrealm, Family Von Metten De Grinstead.
  2. Laurel cloak in the style of Atlantia University academic robes by Mistress Genef Wolfline
  3. Laurel wreath incorporated in a Baronial Coronet by Baron Robert de Tyre


Then we all walk to the back of court and try to be quiet so the rest of court can go on honoring other volunteers.


Non-Elevation Fun: Ball, Commedia, Improv, and Misrule!

That evening, Wednesday, August 9, starting at 9:00pm, my friend The Honorable Lady Avelina del Dolce and I will host the Pennsic Grand Masked Ball!  Join us at the dance tent for a dance party in character! A thin Commedia del’ Arte scenario will be played out throughout the evening by anyone who wants to come play. Pantalone is rumored to have selected a suitor for his daughter Isabella and we suspect he will announce the lucky groom at the ball!  Come dance with Isabella, negotiate with Pantalone, and play with the rest of the commedia characters that show up! No need to sign up. Just come in costume of whatever commedia character you wish to portray and enjoy the ball being in character! Facebook event:


Then the next night, Thursday, August 10, in the Performing Arts Tent, starting at 9:00pm, the Commedia All Stars troupe will perform a new scenario called “Scallion Stew” very much inspired by the satire blog “The SCAllion” (An Onion style blog poking fun at the SCA).  This is where you get to see what a Commedia Laurel can do! Laughs are guaranteed, and current events will be made fun of! (Basis of the plot is the drama experienced by my friend Master Wistric when he was sanctioned by the SCABOD – see the article from the SCAllion here:  ) (PS: Wistric is being HONORED in our play by being the HERO to save us all at the end!)  Facebook event:


Please do not hesitate to ask questions or come join the fun! Email me if you need any help – orangesophie AT gmail.


Other Pennsic Performances I’m running:

Whose Cause Is It Anyway?  An improv comedy show supporting Ukraine!  Friday August 4 at 6:00pm at the Performing Arts Tent. Facebook event


Court of Misrule!  The folks at the Pleasure Pavilions (formerly known as “Vlad’s”) in block E20

have challenged the kingdoms of the known world to prove they are NOT BORING!  The King and Queen of Atlantia have selected me and my commedia friends as the CHAMPIONS OF NOT BORING ATLANTIA!!!!  We shall compete against other Fools representing other kingdoms on Saturday night of middle weekend, August 5, at the Pleasure Pavilions E20

for the right to prove our kingdom is NOT BORING!  Doors open at 8:30pm and show starts at 9:30pm.


Intro to Commedia class!  Cuz I can’t not teach. 😉   Thursday August 3 at 12:00 – 1:00pm.  Followed by Iron Commedia workshop run by The Honorable Lady Avelina del Dolce with a show at 5:00pm!

Link to my Pennsic 50 schedule – open to anyone:

Holding Healthy Boundaries Link:

i Scandali circa 2003
i Scandali 2003 – Midrealm

i Firenzi July 2023

i Firenzi 2023 – Atlantia

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