Bellezze Music

This is the recording of the music that goes with Bellezze, a very pretty 16th century Italian dance that was taught by the magnificent Barbara Segal at the Known World Dance and Music Symposium, June 15-18, 2017.

Note about copyright: Barbara was kind enough to send me this recording, and she asked her own source for permission to share, which was verbally granted, but no one knows really who owns the copyright. The music was created by “a scratch band” around 20 years ago, and Barbara’s source recorded it but doesn’t remember the musicians. So, by posting this, I’m making it available to the attendees of the symposium who wish to keep dancing Bellezze. If anyone who can prove they own copyright to this recording would like to contact me to ask for me to do something different with this, they can contact me via orangesophie AT Gmail.

No permission is granted to reproduce this recording for any financial or commercial purpose.

Download the MP3 here: click this link, then click the down arrow.