Laugh and Donate for Georgia Senate Races!

Whose Election Is It Anyway – Georgia Edition!

We are again producing improv comedy shows to help support the Democrats running for Senate seats – this time in Georgia!

The two US Senate seats for Georgia will be determined in special elections on January 5. The Democrat candidates we are supporting for those seats are Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock:

Jon Ossoff: 

Raphael Warnock:

These two US Senate seats for Georgia will determine the power structure of the US Senate for the next two years. If you wish to support the side of the Democrats, you can donate at the fundraising link below:

Please read up on this special election and think carefully about how you vote if you’re a resident of Georgia:,_2021)

To watch our shows online, click this  link:  You will need to log in to facebook.


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