Whose Cause Is It Anyway?

This group of friends gathered to support causes we believe in by producing livestreamed comedy improv shows! We produce shows at least once a month streamed to You Tube with links in the comments to a particular cause we support including ActBlue.com links to politicians we support, personal PayPal links to personal fundraising causes, and charity organizations we believe in. We perform under the name “Whose Cause Is It Anyway” and also “Whose Election Is It Anyway” and “Whose Virus Is It Anyway?”

Whose Cause Is It Anyway GIF for May show

Causes we have supported include:

  1. Act Blue Fundraising for many candidates and issues we believe in: https://secure.actblue.com/
  2. The Trevor Project in support of LGBTQ+ Youth https://www.thetrevorproject.org/
  3. Personal fundraising for a friend fighting cancer: PayPal via Mr.Wednesday1066 AT gmail DOT com
  4. Stacey Abrams Fair Fight Initiative https://secure.actblue.com/donate/comedyfairfight
  5. Fredericksburg, VA Regional Food Bank https://fredfood.org

Our playlist of recorded shows is on You Tube here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9aorWZlo-mYrH0Wu3rFZFjZgVKW3NLen

Troupe Members ebb and flow but informally include:

  • Amanda Catherine Mulder
  • Andrew Harasty
  • Bill “Dai” Sutton
  • Crystal Welch
  • Emilly Miller
  • Erica Harrah
  • Laura J. Parker
  • Mary Pruitt
  • Ben Coffee
  • Michael Greenstein
  • Romni Rossi
  • Thomas TJ Carani
  • And I, Lara Coutinho-Dean, produce, livestream, direct the troupe.

If you would like to ask for us to support a cause you believe in, please leave a comment here with an email address where we can reach you. Please also include the URL for people to use for sending in money and the reasons why you believe in this cause.


One thought on “Whose Cause Is It Anyway?

  1. I’m interested in joining you for one of your improv sessions for causes. I met Lara on a community improv jam online and would love to connect

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