More Data on Coronavirus as of April 3, 2020

Coronavirus Data Dashboards

An amazing colleague of mine in Europe has compiled an excellent list of public “dashboards” that display different views of Coronavirus data. I’m sharing some of them with you now.

All the data in my previous post is still valid. The following dashboards offer many different perspectives on the same data. You as the user can dig into a high list of options for how you want to filter and view that data.

Again, be careful how much time you spend looking at this stuff. Take a break when you need to.

These two are really amazing:

ESRI – All Hazards Consortium
Map including state level restrictions compilation:

These dashboards include data compiled and presented by Germany, Italy, Virginia (USA), and even some high school kid who compiled data from the CDC and WHO.

  1. – Robert Koch Institute (Germany)
  2. – Berlin Morgenpost Visualizaton (Germany)
  3. – Department of Civil Protection (Italy)
  4. – University of Virginia (Adds a time slider)
  5. – World Treatment Dashboard – free account required
  6. – World Covid Statistics Dashboard (numerous different graph views)
  7. – Covid Specific Country Statistics Graphs (editable by country)
  8. – Covid Live Dashboard (High School kid from Washington State using CDC and WHO data)


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