Coronavirus Data as of March 31, 2020

COVID-19 is the disease caused by the Novel Coronavirus. This blog post provides a short summary of the public data available regarding cases, deaths, and recoveries worldwide.

The short short version:

Click this link to see the most up to date data regarding COVID-19/Novel Coronavirus cases, deaths, and recoveries worldwide:

This data is presented in a map form. You can click on various buttons to filter the data to see what you want. The sources for this data are displayed as links on the map. Data is updated continually.

The moderately short version:

The data feeding this map is compiled by the Johns Hopkins University and shared publicly. Many other institutions use the same data and publish maps with a different focus to the data. For example, the US Army 5th Engineering Detachment’s Geospatial Planning Cell at USINDOPACOM (Honolulu, Hawaii) has published a map with the same data. The map looks different because the data is displayed organized by Combatant Command – the military’s way of dividing up the globe into regions.

To see the Army’s Combatant Command version of the COVID-19 data map, click here:

Army 5th Engineering Detachment Geospatial Planning Cell COVID-19 data map

Another organization compiling and sharing data is the World Health Organization. Their map is here:

World Health Organization (WHO) COVID-19 data map


John’s Hopkins University’s medical research institution has become the clearing house and source for the most up to date COVID-19 data, so most of the maps you can see publicly are getting their data from Johns Hopkins University.

For a quick 1 page intro to John’s Hopkins Medicine, click here:

For a review of Johns Hopkins University that may give you more perspective on their stellar reputation for medical research, click here:

A deeper dive into maps, data and sources:

ESRI is a company that produces mapping software. Most of the maps you can easily find online are using ESRI’s software to produce the maps.

ESRI also has a data catalog for COVID-19 data with descriptions of their sources here:

That ESRI link will give you more data and sources than you can read in a month of isolation. Click at your own risk. You may be in front of your computer for a while. 😉

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